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Karen Groeniger

Is an Artists based in Columbus, Ohio

Karen was born in Columbus, Ohio and has lived there her entire life. She currently resides in Powell, Ohio with her husband, Thomas and they have two grown children. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in education. She began painting when her children were babies. Karen is a self taught artist and began painting with oils and transitioned to acrylic as her preferred medium. Because she was originally an oil painter, much of her work still resembles oil, even today.

Most of her current work has moved toward impressionistic realism, however, some abstraction still makes its way into her work in some manner. Karen likes for her viewers to look at her art and say "I have been there" or "I recognize that". She has been influenced by the works of Edward Hopper and his use of the nighttime effects of man-made light. Many of her pieces are nighttime views of city scenes. Karen's works are seen in private collections throughout the United States and abroad and in the Terra Gallery located in Downtown Dublin, Ohio.

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